Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fab Friday 12: Crazy You

This card was inspired by the Fab Friday Color Challenge (#12).  Being a SAHM, I have many friends who are in the same boat that I am - crazy stressed by their kids, work, life, etc.  And not all of them are into Craft Therapy the way I am.  Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can make all the difference.  I hope this card makes my fellow moms feel loved.

I love these soft cool colors together.  These colors would make a wonderful card for just about anything, but I wanted to make a card that I could use for any occasion.  This one will be perfect for so many of my friends.

In order to add the illusion of texture I did some digital embossing on the background.  By using a background stamp in the same color as the background and then adding a white drop shadow you can give the illusion of embossing.  And, with so many great stamps to choose from the embossed design options are endless.

Supplies: MDS2 (#130910), Fantabulous You (#129920), Autumn Elements (#127172)
Fantabulous You (#129920)
Autumn Elements (#127172)
Paper Pumpkin

Paper Pumpkin is your very own paper fairy godmother (without the white hair).   I'm the total package:
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  • I'm all cut, measured, and ready—with instructions included.
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  • Please list me as your demonstrator, so I know you are getting your goodies.


  1. I love the embossed look! Thanks for the tip on how to achieve it. And thanks for joining us at Fab Friday!

  2. Such a great idea! We could all use some encouragement from our friends! And thanks for the tip about how to "emboss" in MDS! I learn something new everyday! Thanks for sharing with us at Fab Friday!

  3. So cool! I love the embossing tip! I am just learning MDS2 and it is great to get these fun tricks to try. I love your card and that sentiment is perfect for fellow moms. We definitely all feel a bit crazy at times. Thanks for playing at Fab Friday!